How to earn more robux doing offers following this tips!

Are you tired of doing loads of offers and a not a single one has rewarded you the robux for completing it? Then this is your guide to follow!

First of all, we will start with surveys and we will finish on app installation offers.


Instructions on how to do Surveys and boost your Robux Earnings and what you should never do!

Basic information that you need to know while doing surveys:

  1. Surveys are a way to gather information from a sample of people. Surveys providers WANT always REAL information.
  2. Whenever you come to a new offer wall you will be able to do a survey profile, that information that you will be providing will help them to provide you BETTER surveys for you. Therefore you will be earning more robux and spend less time doing offers!
  3. Be smart but honest while doing surveys. If you see a survey is looking for specific information, try your best to have the chance of qualifying.
  4. United States citizens normally have the biggest quantity of surveys in the world! Don’t miss your opportunity and spend more time doing surveys than offers.
  5. Do not use VPN’s or programs that change your location, if the provider finds out your reward will be removed and we can even delete your whole account for fraud!
  6. Do not rush surveys, as we said before, choose your answer wisely and select those ones that are related to your survey profile or what the survey is looking for!
  7. If the survey provider sees that you completed the survey really fast they most likely won’t reward you!

Instructions on how to do Offers and App Installs and what you should never do!

Basic information that you need to know while doing surveys:

  1. Respect the offer’s instructions, you cannot avoid them, if they say do X, you need to do X. ALWAYS!
  2. Some offers might allow being completed many times.
  3. If you did an offer on another website and you complete it again here, you won’t get rewarded. PERIOD.
  4. As stupid as it sounds, use always real information while registering on sites.
  5. Don’t use any type of ad blocker / VPN.
  6. We recommend doing big offers, it can be time taking but it is worth for sure!
  7. If you want to do an offer that involves purchasing a product be sure that you take proof if you didn’t receive your reward so you can contact the support later!
  8. Take screenshots of proof that you have completed the offer, so you are safe always!
  9. Offer providers don’t like fake or temporary emails so we recommend you to avoid them.
  10. We recommend using new devices compared to old ones when doing an app install.

Haven’t received your robux while doing offers? Click here.

This is all you should know when doing offers, we recommend you to have this window opened while doing offers you can check at any time if you feel you don’t remember these tips! Enjoy and happy earnings!


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Discord Nitro Features

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Use Custom Emotes Everywhere: With Nitro Classic, you can use custom emotes from each server to each DM.

High quality shared HD screen: While paying for Nitro Classic, you will have the option to share your game screen in high-quality resolutions.

File upload limit: With Discord Nitro you will be able to upload individual files up to 50 MB.

Nitro Badge: You will receive a Nitro badge next to your profile.