Alone – I thought I was playing Roblox? Roblox’s Lead Battle Royale

Throughout the past few years, battle royales have dominated the gaming industry. The thrill of jumping out of a plane and taking on an entire lobby of players is enticing. Alone, a Roblox battle royale has proven that this genre of games has its place it Roblox. Many battle royales following Fortnite have created their games with almost the exact style of Fortnite. Alone is basically a carbon copy of Fortnite. The aforementioned claim is not meant to discredit Alone or its relevance in the game mode scene of Roblox. However, it is important to identify the similarities that both of these games share. If these aspects of the game are not analyzed, then developers will consistently steal ideas for games that they know people will play.

alone battle royale

The similarities between Alone and Fortnite are obvious. For example, both players start on an island, then board a bus where they parachute down and fight until the last players are standing. Does this sound familiar to you? Yes, that is because this is literally the same exact sequence of events that occur in a game of Fortnite. This may seem like a coincidence; however, after playing the game, it is clear that I am playing a Fortnite simulator in Roblox. Another idea that is stolen in this game is the weapons and the vibrant colors. I was honestly shocked that people play this game. There are many positive reviews, but I want to ensure that this is not a good practice for the gaming industry. Developers will continue to push out these carbon copies if we continue to buy them.

What could Alone implement to make their game unique?

I would start by completely revamping the game. The core concept of a battle royale can stay, but new environments and weapons need to be designed. There should also be a reward system implemented into the game. This was one aspect of Fortnite that I believe should have been implemented earlier. Epic games have developed a reward system, but in earlier seasons of Fortnite, this was not the case. Alone should implement a ranking system and a system where players can earn skins or other cosmetic upgrades while playing the game. One example of this is in League of Legends, players can purchase skins or play and earn chests where the skins can be unlocked.

This process can fulfill the developer’s needs of making money and players who do not have the extra money to purchase skins can still upgrade their character. Once again, I am not trying to bash the developer of Alone. He did a great job developing this game, but someone needs to call out their lack of creativity. Overall, Alone needs to make changes if they want to survive in the battle royale scene of Roblox. Implementing a few changes could drastically improve their chances of sticking around in the battle royale scene of Roblox. However, if the developer does not do this, then they will not be around for long.

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