Fantastic Frontier, a really good MMORPG to spend time playing

November 5, 2019

Fantastic Frontier


Traversing a digital world with other players has been an appreciable quality of many Massively Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Games throughout the history of online gaming. The discovery of new items, monsters, locations, and quests have captivated MMORPG players since the genre’s evolution. Fantastic Frontier is a Roblox based MMORPG, where players explore a large island to find weapons, armor and fight monsters.

Fantastic Frontier

The islands that players can explore are full of action-packed content. A few examples of this are the following bosses – the Iron Knight, Titanium Knight, Gold Knight, and Onyx Knight. These bosses are very difficult to beat. Only these best players make it to these late-game objectives. Other RBX Tools staff members and I have been struggling to kill the Gold Knight. Kaitlyn, a junior software developer, is the only member of our development team that has defeated all five knights. She even obtained the royal gold helmet, a rare drop from the Gold Knight, after her first kill. According to Kaitlyn, “The Gold Knight was very difficult, but the gear that I got from fighting the early level monsters helped me out.” Therefore, obtaining better weapons throughout the early phases of the game is extremely important.

End-game bosses may seem like a daunting and lengthy endeavor; however, there will be plenty of fulfilling early-game content along the way. The sense of accomplishment that one gets while leveling their character is amazing. Many MMORPGs sometimes take the aforementioned claim too seriously. The early game is important; because, it should not be to the point where players stop enjoying the game cause they’re constantly training. For example, Runescape, another popular MMORPG has a ridiculously long amount of time before players can experience the late game. This may sound like an overly negative attribute. However, the constant leveling of one’s stats will get old after a while. One example of a game that has gone against the MMORPG norms is World of Warcraft. This game may be grindy, but it also offers a competitive PVP scene. The gear required for PVP also obtainable through player vs. monster content.


Overall, Fantastic Frontier is a great game. The constant updates and immersive environment are sure to extend the game’s lifespan. The MMORPG scene in Roblox needs more games to be created. I truly believe that this style of gameplay is needed in Roblox. This project hopefully will give other developers ideas to create another game mode related to this genre.

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