How to earn ROBUX doing offers/surveys on RBX.Tools

Today we will explain you how to earn robux at our website on a easy way.

But first we will explain you some tips on HOW TO earn ROBUX.

  • Avoid sites that ask for your credentials that arent part of ROBLOX. This websites will steal your ROBUX, your account and all the items / limiteds you have.
  • Find a site that for doing a job will get you a reward, for example a points reward website like RBX.TOOLS.
  • Refer your friends at your referral link, that will earn you some robux if they do offers, anyways we explained this on a post (click here to see).

After those useful tips, lets go with the steps.

1st STEP – Earning ROBUX

As always we will need to go to the website (click here to go), and enter our username of ROBLOX as you will only receive the robux on that username.

We will proceed to the EARN tab where you will complete offers. The harder they are, the more robux you will receive.

The nº1 is a APP that you will need to install on your phone, basically its a fast way to earn 4 robux.

The nº2 is more difficult because you will need to register and complete more tasks on that website.

2nd STEP – Withdrawing ROBUX

When you have completed the offers/surveys you will proceed to the WITHDRAW tab where you will be getting the robux to your account.

On this image you can see the withdraw page. On the textbox you will put the robux you have earned.

As you can see by the arrows there are already people that have withdrawed. You can be one of them! Go to and start earning!

2 thoughts on “How to earn ROBUX doing offers/surveys on RBX.Tools”

    1. Surveys will only reward you if they like the information you responded (If you provided real information.) If you dont give “good” information you wont be rewarded, so next time you fill out a survey please use real information!

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