Personal review and opinion on Phantom Forces

November 5, 2019

What is Phantom Forces?

Phantom Forces is a Roblox based first-person shooter. The style of the game is similar to Counter-Strike; however, it still has the Roblox feeling that we all have grown to love over time. The comparison to CSGO may seem a bit extreme; however, the game mode is that impressive. The thrill of rushing through the map and eliminating the enemy team is unlike many of the other first-person shooters in Roblox. The active player base will also ensure your time is not wasted improving in a game that will not stick around for very long.

The developer also did a fantastic job coding the game. Before writing this review, I decided to play the game mode to see if it held up to the overwhelmingly positive reviews online. I have racked up around thirty hours played and I can confirm that this game mode exceeded my expectations. I did not experience any bugs or other technical difficulties while playing Phantom Forces. This type of gameplay experience can only be replicated by a developer that is constantly pushing out updates. Phantom Force’s main developer frequently updates the game to add new features and rewards that players can earn during their matches. His passion for this project is admirable and I hope many other players get the chance to play this game.

phantom forces

My recommendation for the game.

One recommendation that I have for the game is to create some sort of ranking system. These types of first-person shooters have a high skill cap. It was clear that there were players who were much better than I was. The ranking system could be similar to League of Legends or CSGO, where there is a fulfilling sense of accomplishment when you achieve a higher rank. There are not many first-person shooters on Roblox that could effectively implement this ranking system. The aforementioned inability to implement this ranking system in most Roblox first-person shooters is due to their small player base. If a game does not have a large player base, then the queue times for matches would be ridiculously long. However, Phantom Force’s large player base should minimize the queue times when finding a ranked match.

Overall, the first-person shooter genre has been a staple in competitive gaming for many years. This genre is very complex and easy to make mistakes during the development process of the game. The smallest mistake could destroy the player’s experience and alter the integrity of the game. Therefore, the need for continuous patching of the game’s software is extremely important. It has been interesting to see how Phantom Force has reignited the Roblox community’s love for first-person shooters. Many of the staff members at RBX.Tools have been putting in many hours into this game. Phantom Forces has proven that it is here to stay, and it will continue to provide players with a fulfilling competitive gaming experience.

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