Project Lazarus – Can you survive the zombie attack?

Project Lazarus is Roblox based zombie apocalypse game. Players can team up with their friends and take on hordes of zombies. This thrilling experience occurs in many different maps. For example, one of the maps in Project Lazarus takes place in a hospital. A hospital may sound out of place for a zombie apocalypse game; however, its creepiness enhances the overall gameplay experience. The hospital was the only map that I played throughout my testing of this game, but there are tons of other maps to choose from.

project lazarus

It is clear that Project Lazarus was inspired by the original Call of Duty World at War zombies. The sounds used in this game are the exact same sounds from the Nazi zombie game mode in Call of Duty World at War. Another attribute that both of these games share is the mechanics for repairing doors and walls while fighting off zombies. This mechanic was easily recognizable when paired with the other World at War sounds. This was a very nostalgic experience. It was interesting to see the world of Roblox combined with Call of Duty. Logitech101, the developer of Project Lazarus, has made it clear that he was influenced by the Call of Duty series. Another one of his successful Roblox projects was Call of Robloxia. Call of Robloxia is another great game, but we will be waiting until it gets out if it’s Alpha stage to do a detailed review.

What does the average game of Project Lazarus look like?

Before joining each game, you will have to find a server. There is an active player base; therefore, this should not be a problem. The game will begin after 6 players have joined the server. Pregame lobbies are also used to minimize the amount of time that players have to wait in the queue. After entering the game, the normal Call of Duty zombies experience will commence. The same structure where round gets more and more difficult, buying guns on the walls and through a mystery crate, and purchasing upgrades throughout the game.

Overall, the Project Lazarus experience is similar to Call of Duty. While this may be a nostalgic experience for many people, it also can come off in a negative way. The lack of original ideas in Project Lazarus is noticeable. I would like to see the development team create an experience that is unique to Project Lazarus. The Roblox community already knows that the Call of Duty version of a zombie apocalypse game is enjoyable, but I would like to see what Project Lazarus can do with their own game. I am not implying that this is not a good game, but it is basically a clone of Call of Duty World at War zombies with Roblox graphics. However, I do believe that this game has a lot of potentials and I am excited to see the direction it goes in.

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