Troubleshooting 101: Errors and solutions:

[Code: 1]: You didn’t join our Roblox Group. You must join it in order to receive the robux you wanna withdraw.

To join the group just go to the withdraw page and click on the link.

Group link

[Code: 2]: We don’t have enough funds to pay. Please try again later! Sometimes we run out of robux to send to our users so you must wait until we have more. It takes us to restock from 1 day to 3 or more if there are some issues involved. Hope you don’t mind waiting.

[Code: 3]: You cannot withdraw less than 5 robux, we only accept withdrawals of more than 5 robux.

[Code: 4]: You don’t have enough balance to withdraw this amount. This error is self-explaining, you cannot withdraw robux that you don’t have available on your account.

[Code: 5]: Our group has been deleted. Please try again later! That means that Roblox deleted our account and our group and we need to make another one, that usually takes 3 days to have robux inside.

[Code: 6]: Withdrawing is currently disabled while security is updated! When this happens we usually updating our backend and doing upgrades so we need to disable some features of the site to ensure all goes correctly.

[Code: 7] You’re temporarily blocked from withdrawing. Orders of more than 200 robux triggers this alert, 24 hours wait. Self-explaining, in order to ensure that its not fraud and you’re not getting robux in a bad way you need to wait 24 hours.

17 thoughts on “Troubleshooting 101: Errors and solutions:”

    1. We do restock, you just arent connected enough to our social networks and you dont know when we restock. Have a look at the Discord / Twitter.

  1. So, It keeps saying you don’t have a enough funds, but people elsewhere are withdrawing. Why can’t I but they can?

  2. I just got locked out for trying withdraw 300 robux! Plz unlock me!!!!! I know its only 24 hours but I really wanna unlock it now!! 😢😭😭😭 plz unlock me!!

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