What is the ROBLOX pending funds process? Explained here.

A ROBLOX developer implemented a new system in September 18th. Now if someone purchases your t-shirt, shirt, pants or any other user-generated items now the funds that were generated will enter in a locked-period of 3 days.

Why did they’ve done this?

They’ve done this in an effort to prevent scammers / hijackers run with the stolen loot. These ROBUX are held so that in the event of a mass complaint/reporting of the purchased item, the ROBUX may be refunded with ease.

What is the opinion of the Roblox users ?

Some users have told that they don’t like this feature because there are people working with it. That means they will have to wait more than the usual to get their robux.


We expect ROBLOX to continue with this feature for a long time, so there is nothing we can do right now to bypass this lock of 3 days.

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