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How does this site work?
The site works by allowing you to complete various different offers supplied through a handful of ad providers. Once you choose & complete an offer, you will be credited on on site balance which is 1:1 value for robux. You can then withdraw this robux directly to your roblox account when you reach the payout minimum requirement.
Why should I trust this site?
Our site doesn't require any information from you other than your roblox username, which is needed for you to receive the robux. We don't & will never ask for your password.
How do I get my robux?
Once you have completed some offers and meet our minimum payout requirement of 5 robux, you can head over to our withdraw page, join our group & receive your robux. Its as simple as that!
How much robux can I earn with this site?
You can earn unlimited robux on our site! As long as there is offers available to complete, you can always earn no matter the time. If you spend more time on the website you will earn more robux, also if you invite your friends and they do offers you will be rewarded too.
I completed an offer, where is my robux?
If you have completed an offer/survey but you haven't been rewarded, wait up to 24 hours. If after those 24 hours you havent received the robux contact the ADWall and they will help you! Common issues of why you havent been rewarded: 1. You have already downloaded the application on your phone before. 2. You are not using real information. 3. You are using an adblocker while doing offers. 4. You didnt follow the instructions of the offer. Here at RBXTools we dont decide if you get the robux or not, thats the work of our offer partners.
What can i get for promoting RBX.Tools?
We now have a new system where YouTubers can make videos on our website where in return we add your channel on it's own page on our earn tab. This will lead to users subscribing to your channel & we will credit them robux in return. So for you to make a video for us, we will help bring you organic subscribers. Monetary promotions can be considered for larger channels.
Why my balance its on hold for 24 hours?
We implement an anti-fraud system for orders of more than 200 robux, that means if you done a big offer with fake information and the offer provider notices we will remove that balance. You wont get banned for doing offers with fake information but if we see a high number of orders rejected we might ban your account for fraud.
Is it worth completing big offers?
Definitely! Its much more worth the time to complete one big offer than it is to do many small ones. Although its more time consuming, there is a far better reward for your effort. Don't be scared by the estimated completion times, they are usually just a over exaggeration and you can complete them much faster.
I have a suggestion, how can i give it to you?
We welcome all suggestions whether it be a new AdWall or just improvements in general for our website. If you think you have a good idea & want to share it with us, you can join our discord from the bottom of this page & let us know there!
How does the referral system work?
Once someone signs in using your referral url, they will be affiliated with your account forever. This means each time they complete an offer, you will receive 5% of the value, which you can claim and later withdraw for robux.

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